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Department of Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine

A brief profile

The department offers the entire range of nuclear medicine imaging options for diagnostics and treatment.

Our primary research focus is the development of new tracers for nuclear medicine diagnostics and treatment, initially in the preclinical phase in the biotechnological laboratory. Promising molecules are implemented in clinical practice.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Haberkorn

Medical Director

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Uwe Haberkorn


Im Neuenheimer Feld 400
69120 Heidelberg

Set of specification

core competencies and disease focuses

  1. PET diagnostics
  2. Endoradiotherapy
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer
  4. Visualization and treatment of tumor stroma


The department has achieved international acclaim for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, as well as the development of new radiopharmaceuticals.

Internationally recognized certifications and distinctions

Accredited PET/CT Centres of Excellence

FDG PET/CT accreditation is granted to centres, which fulfil the requirements indicated in the EANM imaging guideline.

Current international Collaborations

Research focuses

Development and characterization of new tracer molecules for diagnostics and treatment

Ongoing studies with international relevance

Multicenter study on the diagnostic value of PSMA-PET for prostate cancer

Giesel F, Kratochwil C, Lindner T et al . FAPI-PET/CT: biodistribution and preliminary dosimetry estimate of two DOTA-containing FAP-targeting agents in patients with various cancers. J Nucl Med 2019;60:386-392.

Kratochwil C, Flechsig P, Lindner T et al. FAPI-PET/CT: Mean intensity of tracer-uptake (SUV) in 28 different kinds of cancer. J Nucl Med 2019: accepted for publication.

Lindner T, Loktev A, Altmann A et al. Development of quinoline based theranostic ligands for the targeting of fibroblast activation protein. J Nucl Med 2018;59:1415-1422.

Loktev A, Lindner T, Mier W et al. A new method for tumor imaging by targeting cancer associated fibroblasts. J Nucl Med 2018;59:1423-1429.

Afshar-Oromieh AZechmann CMMalcher A, et al. Comparison of PET imaging with a (68)Ga-labelled PSMA ligand and (18)F-choline-based PET/CT for the diagnosis of recurrent prostate cancer. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2014 41:11-20.

Koerber SA, Stach G, Kratochwil C et al. Lymph node involvement in treatment-naïve prostate cancer patients - correlation of PSMA-PET/CT imaging and Roach formula in 280 men in the Radiotherapeutic management. J Nucl Med 2019;60: Jul 13. pii: jnumed.119.227637. doi: 10.2967/jnumed.119.227637. [Epub ahead of print]

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